The State Records Act 1998 came into operation for NSW universities on 1 January 1999.

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Standards for records management

Under the terms of Part 2 of the State Records Act ('Records management responsibilities of public offices'), universities in NSW are required to meet standards for records management that are issued by State Records NSW. See more information about compliance with the Act.

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Disposal of university records

The General retention and disposal authority: higher and further education (GA47) was issued in October 2017, replacing GDA23. This general authority covers the functional records of universities relating to student administration, teaching, research, governance, support services and commercial activities and services. It identifies records required to be retained as State archives and permits the destruction of certain other records after minimum retention periods have been met and they are no longer required. It should be used in conjunction with other authorities including:

Published April 2014 / Revised February 2016?revised May 2019/Updated November 2022

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