State Records NSW is a statutory authority established under the State Records Act 1998. The Act provides the legal framework in which we operate and specifies our core functions.  

We aim to be a best practice regulator that is transparent in its operations and accountable to the people of NSW.  

What you can expect from us 

We are committed to providing accurate and consistent information about the service we provide and the expected timeframes for delivery.  

When engaging with you, we will: 

  • identify ourselves 

  • provide clear, accurate and timely information 

  • be respectful to your needs 

  • acknowledge all correspondence 

  • inform you if we are not able to meet agreed timeframes and keep you updated 

  • collect, store, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with NSW privacy legislation 

  • refer you to a more appropriate organisation if your inquiry is outside our remit.  

Our service standards 

We are committed to providing quality information or service to our clients and stakeholders.  

We aim to: 

  • provide you with accurate, consistent and clear information 

  • provide you with access to our information and services via our website 

  • respond to requests for information or our services in a timely and efficient manner please note that complex matters may take longer to finalise 

  • encourage your feedback about our services and respect your right to make a complaint.  

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Our services to public offices

Enquiries and requests for advice

We welcome your enquiries and requests seeking advice about records management. When you contact us, we will:

  • respond to your enquiry or request for advice within 5 working days
  • respond to your complex inquiry or request for advice within 15 working days.

This includes emails received through, sent directly to State Records NSW staff and correspondence received through the Minister’s office.

Retention and disposal authorities

We commit to assisting you with the review or development of retention and disposal authorities (RDAs). When you contact us, we will:

  • acknowledge your request for assistance by email within five business days
  • provide information about the approval process, including possible timeframes and stakeholder consultation needs
  • frequently communicate and provide feedback as soon as possible.
Training and education

We run training and education programs to raise awareness on records management issues and promote records management excellence throughout the entire NSW public sector. We commit to:

  • running forums, roundtable discussions and webinars
  • providing e-learning modules on records and information management topics
  • participating in NSW public sector events and forums about our role and services.
Website and online systems

Our website and online systems provide a comprehensive resource to assist with your recordkeeping.

We will endeavour to have our website and online systems, including the monitoring portal, available to you 99.8% of the time (excluding scheduled maintenance). We will endeavour to update our website content in a timely manner. We aim to keep you informed of any outages and enhancements.

Our services to members of the public

Public enquiries

We welcome public enquiries about recordkeeping practices and related matters. We will respond to public inquiries within 5 to 15 working days of receipt, depending on the nature of the inquiry.



Complaints and allegations about poor recordkeeping in the NSW public sector

Members of the public may make a complaint about serious instances of poor recordkeeping or non-compliant records management within a NSW government organisation.

We only accept complaints that will enable us to support improved recordkeeping practices within NSW government organisations. State Records NSW has discretion in deciding which complaints we will accept and what action, if any, we will take. For further information on making a complaint to us, please see Assess serious matters of poor recordkeeping.



Government information (public access) requests

We will meet statutory timeframes and will always aim to provide information earlier than the maximum limits and look to proactively release information when possible.

Complaints about our service

We aim to resolve complaints about our service quickly and fairly. If not satisfied with our service, you can:

  • first, try to resolve the issue with the staff member, their supervisor or manager;
  • then, if you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can write to, email or phone the Executive Director of State Records NSW:

Martyn Killion

Executive Director, State Records NSW



When you make a complaint, please provide as much information as you can to help us understand your concerns and to investigate them, if required. This includes your:

  • full name
  • organisation
  • contact details
  • the specific details of your complaint
  • the outcome sought.

All complaints received will be treated with the utmost seriousness and will be kept confidential.

For more information, read our Complaints Handling Policy