The uptake of cloud-based services is a key component of ICT strategy across many organisations. With appropriate consideration (including risk assessment), selection and management of service arrangements, key benefits can be derived by organisations and risk can be managed. This guidance addresses the information and records aspects of the use of cloud-based computing services and is in the form of common questions and answers.

Removable media is storage media which is designed to be removed from a computer. Removable media is low cost, portable and simple, allowing people to copy, store and carry large quantities of data easily between locations. Employees can share information easily and access it from a variety of locations, which can increase the organisation’s productivity. However there are a number of risks associated with the use of removable media.

The State Records Act 1998 came into operation for NSW universities on 1 January 1999. This page contains guidance that will assist universities to make and keep records appropriately and comply with their obligations under the Act.