The State Records Act 1998 is administered by State Records NSW and Museums of History NSW.


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About us

State Records NSW is the NSW Government’s records management authority.

Our core role is to support transparent and accountable government by ensuring that government records are properly created, managed and made accessible to the public.  

We are a statutory body with our responsibilities and functions established by the State Records Act 1998:  

  • to oversee recordkeeping by public offices of NSW, including determining standards and providing advice
  • to identify State records that have enduring value and should be retained as State archives. 

Recent changes to the Act have strengthened our regulatory role and enabled a greater focus on policy leadership and promoting excellence in records management.  

We administer Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the State Records Act 1998.

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What we do  

State Records NSW provides oversight of recordkeeping across the NSW public sector. We support effective and efficient recordkeeping by setting standards, promoting good practice, monitoring recordkeeping practice and compliance, and providing guidance, advice and resources.   

We do this by: 

  • assisting public offices in complying with the requirements under the State Records Act 1998 
  • setting and promoting standards and codes of best practice in records management
  • regulating the retention and disposal of State records by working with agencies to review and develop retention and disposal authorities
  • identifying records of enduring value to the State
  • monitoring performance and compliance in recordkeeping across the NSW public sector.


We aim to be a best practice regulator that is transparent in its operations and accountable to the people of NSW.


Our work is guided by the NSW Government values of integrity, trust, service and accountability. 

Organisational structure

Our organisational structure equips us to administer and implement the areas of legislation that are our responsibility. 

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