This page contains questions we are asked on a regular basis and our responses. It will be added to as questions arise. These are short and general answers - please contact us for more detailed responses.

How to I contact State Records NSW?

Click here to contact us.

Please note that State Records NSW does not hold records on behalf of other organisations or the State Archives Collection.


Can you provide legal advice?

State Records NSW does not provide legal advice in any circumstance.   

How do I subscribe to email alerts and the newsletter?

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How do I submit a complaint or feedback?

To submit a complaint or provide feedback to State Records NSW, contact:   

Executive Director, State Records NSW



Where can I find an agency’s history of administrative changes?

Museums of History NSW tracks NSW Government administrative changes in Collection Search the catalogue of the NSW State Archives Collection. The Collection Search catalogue includes changes to agencies from 1788 to the present day. 

Agencies in Collection Search are linked to record series held as state archives created or controlled by an agency. Further links to former agencies, subsequent agencies and superior agencies, such as departments, provide context to the records held in the State Archives Collection.