Public sector organisations in NSW have records management obligations under the State Records Act 1998. Understanding these obligations is an essential part of your role as a records and information manager.

The table below provides information on the key resources your organisation will need to understand and follow to meet records management obligations.

Resource How it will help you and your organisation
State Records Act 1998

This sets the mandatory requirements or key obligations for creation, management and protection of records of NSW public offices.

An overview has been developed to help you understand the key sections of the Act.

Standards and policies

This page provides links to:

Retention and disposal authorities

Understand the mandatory requirements for the destruction of records

You can use this spreadsheet to find the RDAs issued to your organisation. 


Understand how monitoring of records management works, including:

  • Recordkeeping regulatory framework
  • Public offices’ role in monitoring records management
  • Available monitoring tools.
Records Management Assessment Tool Use this tool to assess your organisation's records management program and practices.
Records management awareness resources

Use the Good recordkeeping video to introduce the concept of good recordkeeping.

Use the Records Management Fundamentals presentation slides to assist in raising awareness of the what good recordkeeping looks like.

Guidance and resources for records management have been developed to help you implement proper recordkeeping practices in your organisation.

Recordkeeping Resources
Recordkeeping Advice