Having good records and good recordkeeping practices help you and your organisation:

  • meet legislative and regulatory requirements
  • protect the rights and entitlements of your staff, clients and members of the public 
  • support better performance of your organisation’s services and activities 
  • mitigate organisational risks, including any legal challenges that might arise
  • demonstrate transparency, accountability and evidence of procedural fairness, especially in relation to expenditure of public funds or decision-making process for policy developments or programs impacting the community or ongoing functions of the NSW Government.

As a chief executive you have the duty to ensure your organisation's compliance with the requirements of the State Records Act 1998. Specifically:

  • make and keep records of your organisation
  • establish and maintain a records management program
  • ensure safe custody and proper preservation of your organisation's records
  • protect records from unauthorised access, alteration, transfer, loss or destruction. 

State Records NSW recommends that you work closely with your organisation's Senior Responsible Officer. This ensures that good recordkeeping practices are embedded into the organisation's core and strategic functions and activities. 

The table below provides information on the resources you will need to be aware of.

Resource How it will help you and your agency
State Records Act 1998

This sets the mandatory requirements or key obligations for the creation, management and protection of the records of NSW public offices. 

An overview has been developed to help you understand the key sections of the Act

Regulatory Framework This describes State Records NSW approach to regulating records management in public offices. 
Senior Executives Fundamentals

This Public Service Commission resource provides key information to help senior executives thrive and survive in the NSW public sector. 

The website includes an Obligations section with a page devoted to records management. This page was developed with input from State Records NSW. 

Introduction to Good Recordkeeping video This provides information on the fundamental recordkeeping principles and practices. 



Recordkeeping Resources
Recordkeeping A-Z