We administer Parts 2, 3 & 7 of the State Records Act 1998 which covers NSW Public Sector Agencies, Departments and Authorities; Local Government Councils; State Owned Corporations; Universities; and public health services providers.

Please note that we have no jurisdiction over non-Government or private organisations, and do not hold records on behalf of other organisations or the State archives collection.

Records and information management enquiries and advice  

Email: govrec@staterecords.nsw.gov.au  

Phone: 02 9714 3080 

Our office hours are Monday–Friday, 9am–5pm (excluding public holidays) 

Research enquiries, enquiries about the State archives collection & access to records

Please contact the Museums of History NSW.

Website: https://mhnsw.au/collections/state-archives-collection/

Email: collections@mhnsw.au

Phone: 02 9673 1788.

Media enquiries  

Email: communications@staterecords.nsw.gov.au 

To transfer records to the State Archives Collection  or to enquire about or provide access directions

Please contact the Museums of History NSW.

Email: transfer@mhnsw.au

Phone: 02 9673 1788

To contact the Government Records Repository  

Email: grradmin@mhnsw.au

Phone: 02 9673 1788

General enquiries for State Records NSW 

Email: info@staterecords.nsw.gov.au 

Phone: 02 9714 3080 

To submit a complaint or provide feedback to State Records NSW


Executive Director, State Records Authority NSW
Email: governance@staterecords.nsw.gov.au  


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