AS ISO 15489.1: 2017 Information and documentation - Records management, Part 1: Concepts and principles was issued as a code of best practice by State Records NSW in June 2018.

In 2017 Standards Australia published the new Australian Standard on records management:

AS ISO 15489.1: 2017 Information and documentation - Records management, Part 1: Concepts and principles

This new Australian standard is a concise, contemporary representation of recordkeeping practice, with an emphasis on the digital environment.  It defines the concepts and principles to be used in developing approaches to the creation, capture and management of records to meet compliance, business and societal requirements. It applies to all records, regardless of format, business or technological environment.  The Australian standard is ‘digital-ready’ and can be used to guide flexible approaches to implementing records management tools and techniques in dynamically and technologically changing environments. It also represents national and international best practice.

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Code of best practice

On 29 June 2018 State Records NSW issued the following new code of best practice - AS ISO 15489.1: 2017 Information and documentation - Records management, Part 1: Concepts and principles to all public offices covered by the State Records Act 1998

This code of best practice will assist your organisation in meeting the requirements of the Standard on records management and Parts 2 and 3 of the State Records Act 1998.

Please note that AS ISO 15489.1 – 2002: Records Management Part 1: General and AS ISO 15489.2 – 2002: Records Management Part 2: Guidelines have been revoked as a code of best practice and are no longer a requirement under section 13 of the State Records Act.  This older standard should not be used as a benchmark for records management.

A table of commentary is available about the consultation process undertaken with NSW public offices.

Due to Standards Australia’s strict copyright requirements, State Records NSW is unable to make copies of AS ISO 15489.1: 2017 available via our website. Copies of the Australian Standard can be purchased from SAI Global (distributor of Australian standards).

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Implementing the code of best practice

The code of best practice underpins and supports mandatory requirements in standards issued by State Records NSW.  Briefly, the code of best practice provides further information about processes, practices or systems and will assist your organisation in understanding and implementing requirements contained in the standards.  

State Records NSW has updated the Implementation Guide for the Standard on records management to include references to the new code of best practice. The Guide has three sections:

  • understanding the requirements of the Standard on records management
  • meeting obligations under the State Records Act 1998
  • understanding the relationship between the Standard on records management and the Code of best practice AS ISO 15489.1: 2017.


Published April 2014/ revised March 2018/ revised June 2018

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