State Records NSW has published a range of leaflets that are designed as resources for public offices.

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Leaflet for CEOS: Why is Recordkeeping Important?

Records and information are at the core of government business and are core assets. In NSW public offices, records and information help organisations plan for and achieve short and long term outcomes that are relevant and valuable to the community, business and government.

This new leaflet covers the key benefits of recordkeeping and is designed to assist Chief Executives understand why recordkeeping is important. 

Why is Recordkeeping Important? can be downloaded and printed for use and distribution, however we note that this leaflet has been designed to be a digital leaflet and contains embedded hyperlinks for further resources. 

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Recordkeeping Fundamentals

This leaflet is designed to assist public sector organisations raise awareness of the importance of good recordkeeping.  The new Recordkeeping Fundamentals leaflets cover:

  • why records are important
  • common types of records
  • responsibilities for each public sector organisation and employee, and
  • where to access further information.

There are tailored versions of the leaflet for NSW Government staff, NSW Local Government staff, and NSW Local Government Councillors. 

While the leaflets can be downloaded and printed for use and distribution, we note that the leaflets have been designed to be digital leaflets and contain embedded hyperlinks for further resources.

1. Recordkeeping Fundamentals (for NSW State Government Agencies)

2. Recordkeeping Fundamentals (for NSW Local Government)

3. Recordkeeping Fundamentals (for NSW Local Government Councillors)

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Recordkeeping reminders

This leaflet outlines some common situations where public officials in NSW should make and save records and information into the organisation’s recordkeeping system and/or corporate business system.

Recordkeeping reminders
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Recordkeeping Resources