State Records NSW periodically reviews all standards to ensure they remain relevant and useful.

What is this about?

We are seeking feedback on the standards issued under the State Records Act 1998:

  1. Standard on records management, for effective records and information management

  2. Standard on the physical storage of State records, for the storage of active and semi active State records which have a physical format.

The first step in the review process is to seek feedback from public offices on the current standard to identify any issues that may require revision. Once this feedback had been reviewed, a new draft standard will be shared with public offices for further consultation.

Public offices can provide feedback on a range of aspects, including:

  • current usage
  • implementation issues
  • suggestions for improvement.

If you have queries about the review of the Standards, please contact us at

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The standards review feedback survey is now closed.


A total of 95 submissions were received over the consultation period.