Records and information are at the core of NSW Government business and are core assets. Records and information help organisations plan for and achieve short and long term outcomes that are relevant and valuable to the community, business and government.

State Records NSW developed presentation slides to assist public sector organisations raise awareness of the importance of good recordkeeping. 

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Records Management Fundamentals - CEOs and SROs

This presentation looks at the why, what, who and how of recordkeeping:

  • why records?
  • what are records and State records?
  • who is responsible for managing them? 
  • how do we manage and control them?

This presentation references sections of the State Records Act 1998 and Standard on records management in relation to recordkeeping obligations.

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Records Management Fundamentals - Staff

The presentation provides a brief overview of the fundamentals of records management and recordkeeping in the NSW public sector. It covers:

  • why records are important
  • responsibilities for each public sector organisation and employee, and
  • common situations where staff  should create & save records in official business systems or recordkeeping system
  • recordkeeping reminders

Published October 2020/Updated slides 2023

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