Education and training in recordkeeping is relevant to all records and archives workers in the NSW public sector. Undertaking further education is a means to advance your position, improve your skills and learn more about recordkeeping in today's rapidly evolving business environment. Whether you have learnt 'on-the-job' or already hold a formal qualification, there are a wide array of opportunities available for furthering your knowledge or obtaining additional qualifications.

A number of Australian Universities offer Information Management courses that include records management. Please refer to the ASA website and RIMPA website for more information on accredited universities.

Some private sector organisations also offer records management training. See for details of courses and training and education providers. 

Professional associations

The Australian Society of Archivists (ASA) and the Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia (RIMPA) offer a number of resources and opportunities that contribute to ongoing professional development.

Australian Society of Archivists

The ASA has a suite of six online self-directed courses available based on the Keeping Archives textbook. The courses include: Introduction to Records and Archives, Appraisal, Context Control and Documentation, Physical Management and Preservation, Access and Digital Records and Archives and are available from

The ASA also hosts a range of professional development events, including its annual conference, special interest group meetings, seminars and state and territory based monthly branch meetings. The Society also issues three issues of its journal, Archives and Manuscripts, each year and a monthly e-newsletter Archives Matter. See the ASA website for more information.

Records and Information Management Practitioners Alliance

RIMPA hosts a range of professional development events, including its annual conference, seminars and state and territory based monthly branch meetings. RIMPA also publishes the Marketplace directory on its website. A number of the consultants listed in this directory provide short course records management training. See the RIMPA website for more information.

Informaa Quarterly

Informaa Quarterly is a publication of RIMPA. Informaa is distributed four times a year to all members of RIMPA. It features in-depth articles on records management issues and keeps members up to date with the activities of the association.

Each November, Informaa Quarterly focusses on education and training opportunities for records managers. See the RIMPA website for more information about joining RIMPA and obtaining Informaa Quarterly.

Course and contact details may be subject to change. Please check with the institution or organisation named for up-to-date information.

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