In 2018, State Records NSW strategic focus was improving understanding of public sector recordkeeping obligations. Benchmarking research was undertaken to provide baseline information on how well people working for State and Local government agencies, local health districts and universities in NSW understand their government recordkeeping obligations. The study included insights from senior responsible officers (SROs) on current recordkeeping practices and pain points within organisations.

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About the report

The report provides a benchmark against which State Records NSW can measure the success of its programs. The report offers an in-depth analysis of the current understanding of recordkeeping obligations focusing on:

  1. job position for assessment of perceptions and activities of the larger groupings of staff:
    • recordkeeping professionals, including SROs
    • senior executives 
    • other staff (managers and non-manager)
  2. type of organisation, size and location for discovery of trends and differences
    • council
    • local health districts
    • department / agency
    • university
  3. effectiveness of current communication activities and channels.

The report includes an executive summary and a discussion of the findings, see below for more information. 

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Summary Scorecard


Summary scorecard

Next steps

The report’s findings provided valuable information on the areas in which more work is needed to improve understanding of recordkeeping obligations across the NSW public sector. State Records NSW will be developing strategies and will progressively publish information on practical steps that can be taken towards improving understanding.

Published February 2019

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