Records and Organisational Change

It is important that NSW public offices identify and address records and information management requirements associated with the outsourcing of Government business functions and activities. Each organisation needs to make adequate provisions in outsourcing contracts so that contractors and service providers make, keep and manage properly records of the Government business that is outsourced.

Many Government organisations use shared service arrangements for a range of common administrative or support tasks. Government policy on shared services aims to promote more effective and efficient service delivery across NSW Government agencies.

This guidance can be used as a reference for:

  • the negotiation of contractual arrangements between service providers and public offices
  • clarifying the boundaries of public office / service provider responsibilities
  • explaining the nature of shared records management services to senior managers to assist in decision making.

Records held by NSW Government organisations are a valuable resource for NSW Government and the community. Records are a core strategic asset and need to be protected and managed appropriately through any form of administrative change. 

This page provides practical guidance on the physical relocation of records in any format when you are moving premises.