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March 2021 - No 145

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Recordkeeping Assessment Report

Recently NSW State Archives and Records completed a Recordkeeping Assessment Report in relation to a complaint and allegations concerning the unauthorised disposal of records within the Office of the Premier.  The Recordkeeping Assessment Report is available on our website.

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A new Records Management Assessment Tool

Work is about to commence on developing a new Records Management Assessment Tool (RMAT) for NSW public offices.  The new RMAT will allow public offices to:

The new RMAT will be designed to allow organisations to identify those areas of practice which require improvement.

As part of this project, we will be contacting public offices seeking input in the content development for the new RMAT and in testing the new tool in your organisations.  We will also be keeping public offices updated on progress with this exciting project!

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Upcoming Webinar: Determining requirements for digitisation programs and disposal of source records

About this event: Considering requirements for digitisation programs upfront helps to ensure the resulting digitised records will meet your organisation’s needs now and into the future.  We will discuss how to initiate effective digitisation programs including how to scope and determine requirements for your program. We will also address the conditions of General retention and disposal authority for original or source records that have been copied (GA45) that must be satisfied to enable lawful destruction of original/source records following digitisation.

When: 26 March 10am

Registrations now open! register here

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Disposal authorities approved

The Board of the NSW State Archives and Records Authority recently approved revised retention and disposal authorities for:

  • the Advocate for Children and Young People
  • the Children's Guardian
  • the NSW Ombudsman

Copies of our retention and disposal authorities are available from our website.

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eLearning modules and Adobe Flash update

We have removed Flash content from our elearning modules as it is no longer supported. The eLearning modules found from our site have also been updated.  Please email to request an updated copy of the modules.


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