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December 2017 - Number 126

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Review of the general authority for source records that have been migrated (GA33)

State Archives and Records NSW is undertaking a review of the General retention and disposal authority for source records that have been migrated (GA33, approved 2008). This authority provides for the authorised disposal of records which have been used as the input or source records for successful business or recordkeeping system migration operations. More information and a copy of the revised draft is available on our website.

Comments on the proposed amendment of the authority should be submitted by Thursday 25 January 2018.

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Your records management SRO

The Standard on records management requires each agency to have a designated Senior Responsible Officer (SRO) for records management. The SRO supports the Chief Executive by providing oversight of the public office’s records and information management. We recommend that the SRO should be the most senior officer with responsibility for records and information. If you haven’t nominated a SRO or your designated SRO has changed, please let us know at

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Training calendar for 2018

The Training Calendar for 2018 is now available. Due to the likely relocation of the Queens Square office and our review of training opportunities, the Calendar is only for January – June 2018.

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Checklist for assessing business systems

The Checklist for assessing business systems has been revised. The Checklist offers a basic recordkeeping functionality assessment that can be used when planning to procure or implement new systems, or when prioritising further developments of existing business systems. It includes the following considerations:

  • the value of the records that are or will be created in and/or managed by the business system
  • the risks associated with the business that the system supports
  • inherent information risks
  • any recordkeeping requirements  that relate specifically to the business being conducted
  • the organisational context in which the business system operates (when making decisions about any remedial work that may be required).
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Recordkeeping leaflets

We have recently revamped our suite of Recordkeeping Reminder and Recordkeeping Fundamentals leaflets. They are available to download from our website and include leaflets for NSW Government, NSW Councillors, Local Government and CEOs.

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Recent Future Proof blogposts

State Archives and Records NSW uses its Future Proof blog to post information about current digital recordkeeping issues. On the blog we road-test new ideas, distribute new information and initiate discussion on digital recordkeeping issues. Recent posts include:

  • Recordkeeping FAQs - Using third party software for business transactions
  • Recordkeeping FAQS - Records in EDRMS are not immune from format obsolescence.
  • Strategies for recordkeeping in collaborative spaces
  • Digital records need good storage conditions too 
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Now and Then

Now and Then is our sister newsletter and provides up-to-date information about new research tools and resources, services and seminars, exhibitions and other activities taking place at State Archives and Records NSW. The November issue of Now and Then has some great articles on our new exhibition - Captured: Portraits of Crime 1870-1930, the opening of the Windows into Wartime exhibition at Parliament House, the release of the 1987 Cabinet Papers, the Open Day at Kingswood, our webinar series, and the Deep Time Project at the University of Newcastle.  

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Disposal authorities approved

State Archives and Records NSW recently approved disposal authorities for the following:

  • the Inspector of the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission
  • the Inspector of the Independent Commission Against Corruption
  • the Independent Commission Against Corruption
  • fire, rescue and emergency management
  • health practitioner registration (AHPRA and National Boards)

Copies of our retention and disposal authorities are available from the Retention and disposal authorities page on our website

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Christmas closedown

Please note that Government Recordkeeping will be closed from Monday 25 December and will reopen on Monday 8 January 2018.

We wish everyone the best for Christmas and New Year.



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