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April 2016 - Number 116

Recent Future Proof Blog posts

State Records uses its Future Proof blog to post information about current digital recordkeeping issues. On the blog we road-test new ideas, distribute new information and initiate discussion on digital recordkeeping issues. Recent posts include:

  • Digital implementers group – executive and management support during change
  • Records and information management FAQs – retention of credit card data
  • Goodbye Peter!
  • Sharing is caring – how developing retention and disposal authorities in xml facilitates cross jurisdictional reuse of valuable information
  • Disposal in the digital world – case study from ACECQA

Records Managers Forum presentations

The podcasts from last month’s Records Managers Forum are now available on Future Proof.

The Records Managers Forum highlights achievements and projects in NSW Government agencies. It promotes communication between NSW public sector records managers and provides an opportunity to exchange news and discuss issues of current concern.

Last months’s forum was hosted by State Records NSW’s Director, Geoff Hinchcliffe, and had three presentations from the sector:

  • Dr Ian Oppermann, Chief Data Scientist (Interim), NSW Data Analytics Centre talked about the new Data Analytics Centre and the Data Sharing Act 2015.
  • Ms Elizabeth Tydd, NSW Information Commissioner talked about the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009, Open Government and the value of information sharing.
  • Dr Elizabeth Coombs, NSW Privacy Commissioner talked about the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Amendment (Exemptions Consolidation) Act 2015, privacy and issues with data sharing.

Now and Then

Head over to our Now and Then newsletter for some insights into what is happening in the State archives collection. There are stories on the digitisation of the Gaol Photographic description books, the 1916 soldier mutiny in Sydney (complete with bullet hole photographs at Central Station), and an item celebrating the 75th anniversary of the jeep which includes reproductions from the Roads and Traffic Authority's historical manufacturer's vehicle brochures.


Full details of our training for this year are available on the Training Calendar.

The following training is being offered in May and June:

  • 10-11 May Records Management Fundamentals (Coffs Harbour)
  • 12 May Managing Digital Records: An overview (Coffs Harbour)
  • 15-16 June: Records Management Fundamentals (Western Sydney Records Centre, Kingswood)
  • 17 June Managing Digital Records: An overview (Western Sydney Records Centre, Kingswood)
  • 29 June Managing Recordkeeping Risk in Business Systems (Western Sydney Records Centre, Kingswood)

Disposal authorities approved

State Records recently approved:

  • disposal authorities for the NSW Trustee and Guardian, Arts NSW and Insurance and Care NSW (icare)
  • amendments to the disposal authorities for the Office of the Public Guardian and NSW Fair Trading.

Copies of our retention and disposal authorities are available from the Retention and disposal authorities page on our website.