State Records NSW developed an application for drafting and transforming authorities in XML. Authority Editor is a full implementation of State Records’ XML schema. It includes a form entry view with tree navigation for simple inputting of data, a 'review view' that provides a readable view for easily navigating and reviewing XML documents, and a transform engine that applies XSL stylesheets to authorities to generate HTML, MS Word or edited versions.

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Why XML?

XML is an open, flexible, widely supported and robust format. It benefits public offices by:

  • producing retention and disposal authorities in a format that can be more easily ingested by electronic recordkeeping systems
  • automating drafting tasks such as sorting, numbering and styling
  • allowing greater freedom in the choice of tools used to create and manage retention and disposal authorities (such as tools developed by State Records, XML editors, commercial software applications or custom tools developed by agencies and consultants).
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State Records' XML schema

An XML schema establishes a blueprint for compliant XML instance documents. Schemas are both reference instruments that assist authors in drafting instance documents and tools of compliance (instance documents can be checked against schemas through a process called validation).

For more information, and to download the application, visit the Authority Editor website.

Published April 2014

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