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August 2022 - No 154

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Report on 2022 Monitoring Exercise

The report on the results of this year’s Monitoring Exercise is now available on our website. The report includes a range of scorecards:

  • Average total score for each RMAT question
  • Average total score for each RMAT category
  • Scorecards for each sector of the jurisdiction (Departments, Agencies, Authorities; Local Government Councils; Local Health Districts; State Owned Corporations; and Universities).

The scorecards can be used for benchmarking the performance of your organisation against the total responses received for the Monitoring Exercise or against the sector that your organisation belongs to.

If you have any queries about the Monitoring Exercise, contact us at

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Monitoring Portal

The new Monitoring Portal is now live! Public offices can access it via the Services Portal box at the top of the Government Recordkeeping page. We are in the process of contacting all public offices with information about setting up logons for the portal.

The Portal is designed to collect submissions from public offices each year as part of the annual Monitoring Exercise, and to enable public offices to access their submission and reports of the aggregate data/results of each monitoring exercise. Public offices will only be able to access their own data and will not have access to any other public office’s data.

If you have any queries about the Monitoring Portal, contact us at

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Disposal authorities approved

The Board of the State Archives and Records Authority of NSW recently approved the following records retention and disposal authorities:

  • Consumer protection (FA430) replacing DA48 and FA246
  • Public Works Advisory (amendments to FA379)
  • Amendments to FA245 and FA303 relating to certificates of title.

Copies of disposal authorities are available from our website.

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