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August - No. 136

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New guidance on sustainable file formats and recordkeeping requirements

The following guidance is now available from our website:

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Updated guidance

We have recently updated the following guidance:

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Retention and disposal authorities webpages

The listing of functional and general retention and disposal authorities on the website has been reorganised so that they are listed more by function than name of public office (although where appropriate they are also listed by the name of the public office).  We have also moved some of the general authorities that are specific to a particular function (such as animal welfare) to the Functional retention and disposal authority page.

Please contact us at if you have any questions. At this stage not all public offices have retention and disposal authorities, although we are working to improve this. 

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Disposal authority for the management of research projects and data

The Board of State Archives and Records Authority of NSW recently approved amendments to the General retention and disposal authority: higher & further education and researchAlthough this authority was drafted in consultation with the university sector, TAFE and the Department of Education, it can be used (where appropriate) by other public offices that have education and research functions, for example, NSW Police, Corrective Services, the Australian Museum, DataNSW, the Behavioural Insight Unit etc.

If your public office has an education or research function that is appropriately covered by GA47, you can use it to dispose of records. If you have not been in contact with NSW State Archives and Records to confirm GA47 is suitable for your public office, please contact us at

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Records Managers' Forum presentations

The presentations from the Records Managers Forum held at the Western Sydney Records Centre on 31 July are now available. The presentations included:

  • the Manager of Collection Services, Sally Irvine-Smith, on Agency Services, Collections Logistics & Valuation, Conservation and Digitisation (Powerpoint only) 
  • Fiona Sullivan, Manager Engagement and Access Services on the State Archives Management System (Powerpoint only)
  • updates from the Manager of Government Recordkeeping Andrew Pickles on the review of the State Records Act and Government Recordkeeping updates.

The presentations were followed by tours of the repository and a light lunch.

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Have your contact details changed recently?

NSW State Archives and Records likes to keep in contact with records management staff in public offices.  If your contact details have changed recently, please let us know at

If you would like to advise us of new records management contacts at your organisation, please let us know use the form available from the website.

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Disposal authorities approved

The Board recently approved a revised disposal authority for the Crown Solicitor's Office and amendments to the General retention and disposal authority: higher & further education and research..

Copies of our retention and disposal authorities are available from the Retention and disposal authorities page on our website.




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